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DD Returns, released in July 2023, isn’t just a movie title, it’s a promise. It’s the return of the mischievous ghost Dhilluku Dhuddu from the well-received Dhilluku Dhuddu 2, ready to spook and tickle audiences in equal measure. This time, he’s not just haunting, he’s playing a deadly game with a group of friends who stumble into his territory.

Story Line

Five friends, led by the witty and resourceful Chinna (played by Santhanam), are embroiled in a heist gone wrong. With a bag of stolen loot burning a hole in their pockets, they seek refuge in an abandoned, rumored-to-be-haunted bungalow. They don’t realize that they’ve just entered Dhilluku Dhuddu’s playground.

Dhilluku, the mischievous and playful ghost, takes great offense to this uninvited intrusion. He challenges the friends to a game: solve a series of riddles and puzzles hidden within the mansion, or face his wrath! As the friends navigate the decaying building, Dhilluku throws obstacles their way – ghostly pranks, creepy apparitions, and even some hair-raising chases.

But Dhilluku is more than just a spook. He’s also a trickster, a commentator on their greed and desperation. Through him, the film asks questions about morality and friendship, all while keeping the laughs rolling.


  • Santhanam as Sathish
  • Surbhi as Sofia
  • FEFSI Vijayan as Francis Anbarasu
  • Pradeep Rawat as Fernandes
  • Redin Kingsley as Benny
  • Lollu Sabha Maaran as Ravi
  • Masoom Shankar as Clara
  • Manasvi Kottachi as Rachel
  • Rajendran as Professor
  • Thangadurai as “Blade” Babu
  • Munishkanth as Bheem
  • Bipin as Kulanthai
  • Sai Dheena as Mathi
  • Saidai Sethu as Paambu
  • Jeevitha Sofia’s mother
  • Deepa Shankar as Mallika
  • Cool Suresh as Money stealer
  • Swaminathan as Church Father
  • Lollu Sabha Manohar as Local Manager Manohar
  • Madan Gowri as himself (special appearance)
  • Sandy Master (special appearance in “French Kuthu”)


DD Returns is a fun and spooky rollercoaster ride, blending horror and humor in a way that makes it entertaining for the whole family. With its fast pace, engaging story, and memorable characters, it’s no surprise that the film was a commercial success. So, if you’re looking for a movie that will make you laugh and scream in equal measure, grab some popcorn and settle in for a night with Dhilluku Dhuddu!

DD Returns Full Movie In Hindi Download Mp4Moviez

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